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Suicide Cleanup Business

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I offer suicide cleanup services; my name is Eddie Evans.
Suicide cleanup has its own vocabulary. It's important to define some terms for those interested in knowing more about suicide cleanup. So below I define terms as I explain my suicide cleanup services:

This big word means that blood outside of our body might carry germs. Bloodborne means carried by the blood. Pathogens (Pathos from Greek, and meaning sorrow, pain, illness) are germs. I said, "Blood outside our body might carry germs." This biological fact becomes a universal idea in our United States Center for Disease Control definition of bloodborne pathogens. So we have here a socially constructed plague condition, which is no more than a probability, biologically speaking.

Because there's no way to know which person carries bloodborne pathogens on a suicide cleanup, then we must believe that any blood has bloodborne pathogens in it. This way of thinking is called a "Universal Precaution," and all people involved in any way with blood must observe universal precautions since I'm obliged to believe that all human blood outside of a body has bloodborne pathogen contamination. I wear some protective garments and apparatus, depending upon the nature of blood cleanup. Amount of blood, its age, its whereabouts, and whether or not it is wet, moist, or dried alky blood tells me how to prepare for suicide cleanup work.

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Disinfect Blood Soiled Areas

This means that I enter death scenes and disinfect first. I do this for my protection and to reduce potential bloodborne pathogens (Germs like HIV and Hepatitis C). Bloodborne pathogen contamination amounts to several issues. Fewer germs mean the reduced potential for disease and infection. So I disinfect before beginning blood cleanup.

I use standard disinfectants from off-the-shelf at Home Depot, Target, Walmart, and grocery stores. Rarely do I use anything stronger than "mid-range" disinfectants because ensuring their removal remains an unknown, at best. Besides, by using commonly found disinfectants, clients always know what I've used for death cleanup, no matter where I've been.

Using just enough disinfectant at the beginning of suicide cleanup work remains one of my most important tasks. If I use too much disinfectant than I run a risk of fluid flow to unspoiled areas. For example, blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) may flow over a nonporous floor to a wall, between a wall and floor joint, and then move up, down, and along these floor openings. When body fluids and disinfectant reach drywall, there's a possibility that fluids will "wick" up the wall, leading to more work, if not the removal of the stained piece of wall. Rarely do I need to remove an entire drywall panel, by the way. Once thoroughly cleaned, sealing these are as follows. I use Zinnsser B-I-N for this work. Keep this in mind if you must do any blood cleanup and seal.

With that said, when blood and OPIM reach a floor crack, blood may drip or flow through these cracks. Now we have blood and OPIM below our floor. Sometimes removing a piece of floor becomes necessary to "chase" this blood. On some suicide cleanups it becomes essential to remove the floor, chase blood along a pipe, air duct, framing, or wires. In extreme cases under the worse conditions, blood may make it downstairs if a second story suicide occurred. Even removing part of a ceiling from the below room may become necessary, but these suicide cleanup incidents remain the exception rather than the rule.

Multiple homicides have caused me to remove an entire second floor, with the exception of a bathroom. This meant blood cleanup in two bedrooms and two closets. The bodies were down for two months, which means significant decomposition cleanup required removing considerable quantities of human fat, skin, and hair.

So when disinfecting, I disinfect with attention to detail. I don't want disinfectant or blood and OPIM oozing around the floor and elsewhere. And last, another term used synonymously with disinfect is used as decontamination cleanup.

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Clean Blood Soiled Areas

The term clean in suicide cleanup has a different meaning than in most household cleaning. In suicide cleanup, to clean means to clean and reclean. It does mean to scrub and rinse. It does mean to extract contaminating materials and other unwanted debris. There's no way to tell what soiling materials were present before death occurred, so there's great attention to detailed cleaning.

Besides scrubbing and rinsing, extracting soiled materials becomes a large part of suicide cleanup; in fact, methods used during this phase of suicide cleanup may add to biohazard cleanup materials for special treatment and then freezing later on. As a consequence of cleaning methods of creating biohazard cleanup materials for later disposal, I find disposal down a toilet makes the most sense. This saves me time and money. Besides, it also reduces biohazardous waste that reaches our nation's highways for transport.

Source Material Treatment and Removal

What doesn't go into a toilet or other portal to our sanitary sewers, goes into thick black bags, tripled? To their contents, I add straight bleach and a bit of water. As a result of this "treatment" bags become quite warm. Contents undergo a color loss, except for deeply stained materials. Odors dissipate. If I'm not satisfied with my results and it appears that blood's constituents remain, then these bags go into a freezer, pending pickup by Stericycle. Of course, I absorb all costs associated with biohazard cleanup materials.

Seal soiled areas as needed

Sealing once blood soiled areas usually follow a thorough suicide cleanup. Sealing ensures pathogens, which probably no longer exist, become sealed. Sealing also ensures odors to not emanate from once odor-producing, soiled areas. Sealing may include areas of a floor, wall, ceiling, even some furnishing when clients so desire. Sealing alerts everyone that cleaning occurred in the sealed area. Sealing in suicide cleanup reflects a biohazard cleanup standard nationwide.

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Unattended death cleanup

Most suicides occur while the suicidal person finds a time and place to be alone. This is not always the case, though. For those times when suicides go undiscovered for prolonged periods of time, most usually after three days, unattended death cleanup complications begin to arise quite rapidly. Temperature, place of death, ventilation, the slope of floor, bed, couch, or other support on which the suicide victim went down all contribute to unattended death cleanup issues. All that I wrote above related to suicide cleanup will apply to suicidal cleanup following unattended death, but for flies, maggots, animal life, odors, and other complications. See my unattended death cleanup page for more information on these subjects.

Suicide cleanup's goal seeks to help those in need of finding a suicide cleanup practitioner at affordable prices. I hope to provide these services to people in need of suicide cleanup help. To help, I must travel. As a result, my prices reflect my travel in many cases. Those states with the less expensive suicide cleanup costs have their suicide cleanup web pages, including California, Arizona, and Nevada.

In these states, I charge less than $1,000 for a single suicide cleanup job. I qualify this price for shotgun suicides, high-caliber firearm suicides, some walking bleed outs, and off the ground suicide jobs. By off the ground, I include barn lofts, which I learned become quite hazardous for various reasons. In any case, my prices remain below most of my competitors' prices.

There are exceptions to this fee. Shotgun suicides, high-powered rifles, and high-powered pistols cost more. Still, my prices usually come in lower than my competitors. Incidentally, by visiting Orange County Consumer Fraud, readers will learn about the majority of my competitors.
Once upon a time, I believed the majority of my competitors had no government connections. This is no longer true. Now they have all the government connections they need for running very successful suicide cleanup businesses.

I believe now that almost all, if not all, of my competitors have government connections to death cleanup work. So, my naive thinking cleared up as I was mugged by reality. Most of my competitors have a contact in a local government agency, I come to understand. My overall experience, and those few remaining self-employed cleaning companies like my own, relate their experiences sound familiar to my own. They, too, find government employees direct families in need of crime scene cleanup services. Finding legitimate biohazard cleanup companies becomes more challenging daily, and one day we may no longer exist.

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I can understand if readers wonder, "What in the world does Social Darwinism have to do with suicide cleanup?"
Using Social Darwinism to explain suicide and my suicide cleanup experience may seem odd. There's something here, though. I claim at least suicide has something to do directly with Charles Darwin. Captain Fitzroy of the HMS (Her Majesty's Ship) Beagle committed suicide; allegedly, he became sad over his role in helping to expose Charles Darwin to evolutionary information.

I'm not writing about Fitzroy's suicide here, though; my interest in suicide has more of a general nature to both suicide and suicide cleanup. I'm more interested in suicide as a sociological subject, which I write about at the sociology of crime scene cleanup.

I've given a lot of thought to suicide in the last few years, and not just because I own a biohazard cleanup directory. It's been only a few years since I read that white males account for about 73% of all suicide in our United States. Then there's the suicides by white women topping out at about 17%. These figures came to occupy my mind, especially when I take part in suicide cleanup, most of which involve white males. I read too that older white males accounted for the majority of male suicides, but these figures do not coincide with my cleaning experiences. It doesn't matter, because I'm sure suicides' researchers have their numbers right.

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Several years working at suicide cleanup showed me that my suicide cleanup business catered to white males. It took years, in fact before cleaning after a female Mexican American. I've yet to work at a suicide cleanup for an African American female.

What did I learn from a suicide cleanup for my one Mexican American female? I learned a bunch because she stored her goods in a rental shed, which is where she shot herself in the head. My job, besides suicide cleanup, included removing all of her assets. She had no family attachments that anyone could find. Management had tried as best that they could, but no one came forward. The San Diego coroner's department had no one to send for her property. So it became the suicide cleanup company's job to remove her goods.

I found pictures, too many personal papers, utensils, bedding, and miscellaneous objects used for housekeeping. She packed her goods very neatly. Everything looked clean and recently washed as if she had plans to set up house somewhere soon.

She became "homeless. No one knows how long she lived on the road. Their report to me claims that she rented her rental space for about 6 months and then failed to pay on her overdue rent some time in her last month alive.
Pictures revealed an attractive young woman with her small children. These pictures were of our suicide victim's family some twenty years before her death. There were three children and one mother; compared to Mexican American families sixty years ago, extended families, her family, looked small. So she once had social attachments. Now they were either gone or somewhere nearby, and no longer part of her life, alienated, I gather.

She sat on a tall kitchen chair next to her storage shed's door in her last moments. She drank a Miller Lite and smoked a cigarette; it appeared that her final moments were focused on an odd tattoo book, Suicide Girls. She crushed her cigarette in an ash tray on top of a small chest-of-drawers, next to a copy of a Suicide Girls book. I realized I had attached myself to her life. I saw too much; I inquired too much: I overthought about her social security card, her paycheck stubs from a school district, and a chain restaurant. She had worked in food service for an elementary school. "How many children had seen her face, and how many young, hopeful faces had her young eyes seen?" Someone probably cared for her once upon a time.
I missed her, and I didn't even know her. I had gone overboard and broken one of my cardinal rules: don't get nosey.

I worked myself into this because I could see right away while earnestly going about my suicide cleanup work that I was cleaning after a young, Mexican American female, a true one-of-a-kind experience. Plus, I had plenty of time. My job required that I move her personal property from her rental shed to my truck. Some boxes i started opening from a concern a gun may be hidden away. I didn't want anything going into a landfill that might later hurt some one, especially a gun; she was Mexican American, after all. Stereotypes aside, I could see her in a cute little waitress outfit using her bilingual skills to serve hungry customers. I could see her skillfully navigating between a cooks' counter and tables with dozens of steaming hot dishes.

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She's gone and almost out of my mind now. I did keep the Suicide Girl's book to learn more about it. Yes, I objected to it. I showed it to other people, people I knew, and people I met on other suicide cleanup jobs. Two women in Sacrament shared comments with me about their impressions from this odd little book. These were mature ladies, women with some time on their hands, and away most women will not experience. These women were bilingual Mexican American women, and we all got along.

They wanted to know about my client. That information I did not share. The book I shared.
I would later write a negative review of Suicide Girls. I don't believe that I explained my experience with Suicide Girls. My impression was and is that it's decadent. I did not know that there's some sort of music group by this name; they must be quite disturbed. I know they didn't do anything to help my suicide cleanup client.

I let people visiting know that this book is not good. See my comments about this suicide cleanup job as I wrote about this young suicide victim: Suicide Girls
So now I remind myself to avoid personal attachments to my clients artifacts. There's too many connections to make, and many may not even have anything to do with clients. Beside, most of my client's lose white male relatives. I'm interested in these suicides because of their high percentage. If I can theorize and write about these suicide victims, then maybe I'll run across some clues to their excessive numbers in the suicide cleanup business.

I've considered variables, acts, events, and situations that might lead white males to suicide. Others refrain from suicide, and I'm specific demographics show white males have at least as many assets as other demographic groups. They may lack emotional and psychological attachments, though. I get this impression during suicide cleanup.
I gave racism some thought in terms of suicide cleanup work and knew there's something more in this way of thinking. I knew that our dominant ideology remains plagued by lingering racism. I knew by my many years in the army and other places in which men gather that there's more than enough racism to go around in white groups. Of course, I found racism among African Americans too. I fact, I once left a reserve unit because its racism caused it to fail as a functioning Army Reserve unit, a heavy vehicle maintenance battalion.

Then, oddly enough, around January 2011, while reading about Social Darwinism and then seeing a film about World War I, I believed I had a clue to follow. It may not amount to much, but it's worth my time to write down my thoughts. World War I had at its emotional and ideological center a deep, full thread of racism, not so much racism as we look at it in terms of skin color, but in terms of nationalism and language. I had no idea that "race" had a nationalist and linguistic definition, but it does, and it has. This I learned from World War I continued to become World War II, which never stopped being World War I. We recall the deep racism in World War II; how could racism not thrive in World War I?

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These ideas I will trace in more detail at a later time. For now, it's enough to get something down. I have much work left in my day for my exposure to Orange County Consumer Fraud in our county government. This, too, applies to suicide cleanup, but Orange County suicide cleanup.
Moving on, Social Darwinism provides some insights into what could lead some white males to suicide, at least in part. Readers should know, too, that I use "Social Darwinism" as a negative phrase. At one time, its use meant to demean Charles Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection. Charles Spencer, an American philosopher, coined Social Darwinism to explain the emergence of certain rich, successful white people to the top of their food chain.

These people were educated and benefited mightily from business and politics. Most were privileged from birth, but not all. For these people, Spencer came to use the term "survival of the fittest" when justifying great wealth in distinction to great poverty.

His theory of Social Darwinism echoed ideas Adam Smith and Malthus bandied about long before Darwin arrived on the scene. Today, we continue to hear Spencer's logic on right-wing talk radio and television. Perhaps not explicitly pointed out, these attitudes remain below the radar by innuendo and figures of speech. Of course, it's not referred to as Social Darwinism. Practically speaking, current comments about "Obama's socialism" echoes Smith, Malthus, and Spencer's predisposition toward "social engineering," the welfare state as currently found in Germany and elsewhere. Ironically, and not to defer longer from my suicide comments, without the welfare state capitalism as we know it would not exist.

Capitalism would not exist because it creates uneven development from one place to another, one commodity to another, one industry to another. Humanity would not tolerate a "pure capitalism" for long. A look at what's happened in the streets of Cairo, Egypt reminds us that the majority demand "dignity". Capitalism is not in the business of creating "dignity." Capitalism is about a few making money from the many.

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Socialism could or would do better, but there's no guarantee that socialism would ensure human dignity. And without adequate education and opportunities, humanity could easily fall into something like Tom Hanks portrayed in Joe and the Volcano, something Durkheim might refer to as altruistic suicide. (See Suicide Movies) Still, I'll admit that socialism could leave no one unemployed, no one living isolated, unless by choice. Socialism does not exist in any meaningful way, if it does exist at all. So it's important to use definitions. Besides, it's not likely that any kind of a humane socialism will occur in generations to come, if ever.
What could capitalism and socialism have to do with white male suicides? A lot when it comes to suicide and suicide cleanup.

But, first, we must clear some actual clutter to reach such high-brow conclusions, faulty as readers may find them.
"Killing the unfit" would seem to arise sooner or later from misguided social thinkers. In both Germany and our United States, readers of Darwin somehow generalized this notion of "most fit to survive" to apply as a "not fit to survive." In this case, they believed the state had a place in bringing an end to human life where nature had not done so as anticipated by Darwinism. What held things up, what continued to "contaminate humanity's fitness," these thinkers came to believe, were well-meaning, but misguided do-gooders like Christian missionaries and churchgoers. Rather than let nature take its course, for the apparent betterment of society in general, these do-gooders allowed the unfit to a place in society when they should not have existed.

To their way of thinking, these "Darwinists" believe that suicide had a right and proper place. Those judged unfit had a duty to end their lives for the sake of the fit and humanity's future. Before Darwinism in the mid-nineteenth century, these Darwinists went along with the sanctity of the human life approach, as the Catholic Church had practiced in principle, if not indeed. With Darwin's natural selection applied to society, it became evident that outright murder, infanticide, suicide, and abortion had a place, thanks to the emerging "science."

The "right to life" ethic propounded by John Locke continued into the 205h century in many areas of Europe and our United States. Like the Catholic church, European Liberals argued for the sanctity of human life. Assisted suicide in Germany after its formation in 1871 was outlawed.
Before long monists and materialists influenced by Darwinism sought to explain, new human ethics arose with Darwinism. Humanity's place in our universe became much like that of any other species. As such, humankind had a duty to help undo what society had done, support the unfit. The divine no longer applied to humanity, according to these thinkers. Humanity existed as property. Or placed in today's terms by our own Supreme Court, humanity's place in our cosmos belongs below corporate interests because corporations have become persons. Persons above our failings.

Darwinism played a role in the euthanasia movement in both Britan and our United States. Germany's famous biologist, Haeckel, advocated support for eugenics. Like the Spartans, killing off weaker newborns made a lot of sense.
We must remember that by the time World War I arose, the idea of "race" continued to infect just about everyone in Europe one way or the other, and usually not for the good of humanity. With the Austrian-Hapsburg spin on races and its racist ruling class, the world had more than enough hate to ignite racism from one end of our world to the other. By the end of World War I, we would see the genocide against Armenians, the mass murder of Sloves, Croatians, and many other ethnic groups. "Race" justified their extermination and the world's disregard for human dignity and sanctity. Readers will guess my drift by Germany's role in this war, which in reality, continued as World War II.
Murder-suicide or one massive suicide cleanup would better describe the carnage.

Socialism, as it might exist, may have its ideological suicide baggage for white males. This remains to be seen. For sure, accounting for a 73% suicide rate among white males requires exploring all avenues, especially economic and social structures. It seems a pity that Emile Durkheim's sociological writing on suicide arrived well after capitalism's emergence from feudalism. In fact, according to some people, during the 19th century, capitalism strode mightily unencumbered by government interventions. This claim seems unlikely, given our proclivity to compete with one another like ragging bulls in a china shop. Nevertheless, if ever pure, "unfettered capitalism" existed, it existed around the time Durkheim powered up for studies on suicide.

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Theories of Race and Racism

As readers suspect by now, theories of race and racism came well developed for inclusion in Social Darwinism. Whites were the superior race, according to spokespeople for Social Darwinism's theory of races. American Indians and Africans were on the way out by extinction since they were "obviously" inferior and unable to "compete" with white society. Now we begin to find cultural links to white males' ideological and psychological makeup, in part.

White males in our society have expectations learned from families, peers, and institutions. A familiar comment I heard as a grade school student still rings in my ears, "You don't want to be a ditch digger, do you, Eddie?" This type of thinking becomes one more expectation among many unspoken expectations white males grow into manhood thinking, however subliminally.

When economic and social "failure" arises, and hope of positive change remains beyond their grasp, then white males grow at risk for self-harm. Shame, embarrassment, and alienation haunt their place in the world. Self-loathing becomes one more strain on an already teetering mental-health structure.

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Alcohol and Unemployment - The two Earth Monsters
Either alcohol (especially alcohol) or unemployment or both become psychologically reactive for white men caught up in their self-confidence, their ability to earn a living, their control over their lives, and others. Adding alcohol and denial of their problems destroys their pro-active attitudes toward life, in part. Add juice to their issues with self-esteem, and a volatile movement toward suicide arises. Phantasmagoria begins to emerge from alcohol's permeation of body organs as well as the brain. Before lucid, life-serving thinking subsides for moments of self-medicating; moments of self-survival may arise, allowing the at-risk moments of emotional strength.

We know from statistical findings that the amount of alcohol consumed in a community shows in correlations to its suicide rate in white neighborhoods. We do not find these same figures or figures even close in other demographic groups.

We know too that people who are prone to depressive moods, and therefore to suicide, use alcohol for self-medicating their depression and anxiety. It turns out that alcohol has a reverse effect on those consuming it for self-medicating purposes, knowingly or not. Loss of self-control leads to those suicidal moments. Sometimes from the first attempted suicide, alcohol allows for a successful suicide. In other cases, the first attempt at suicide under the influence of liquor fails; later, a repeat follows under the influence of alcohol. For some this become a pattern of abuse of alcohol as well as their body.

Eventually, an attempted suicide plays out to actual death by their own devices. A suicide cleanup may easily unveil more than one attempted suicide, which the victim followed by their attempted suicide cleanup.

We find suicidal acts under the influence of alcohol occur among those not in the habit of drinking alcohol. There's a lot one learns from suicide cleanup. At times many bottles litter a suicide cleanup scene. At other times one large container, half-full, stands on a nightstand next to the suicide scene.
There is no question in my mind that alcohol plays some part in suicide.

Unemployment as Earth Monster

Now those Giant Earth monsters so embedded in our society's dominant ideology come to rest in at-risk white men as their strength returns. They honestly believe they have a more robust and influential place in the world due to them. Its absence causes much consternation. These ideas have to ground hundreds of years back in theories of race and racism, in Social Darwinism's re-emergence in different clothing. Now with strength enough to take their own life, they make the wrong choice.

Their last choice most likely occurs when they fall under the influence of an intoxicating drug (alcohol) they have little control over, and an ideological predisposition no amount of self-searching can explain. Drink as an Earth Monster suspends victims' care for those close to them, for that suicide represents a "coward's way out." They no longer care about labels. Although, we do find Catholics commit suicide less frequently than atheists and protestants, which tells me ideological elements do play a role in white male suicides.

Unemployment easily comes to represent our second Earth Monster. Unemployment for a previously employed male becomes too much to bear in a society dedicated to self-reliance and prosperity. After all, "White guys are born on first base," I've been told. So here, suicide becomes a means of making others show concern and love while acting accordingly.

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The Heroic and the Common

Little boys play at games to learn their roles and duties in society. Each, in their way, represents the heroic role since this role brings accolades and high reinforcement. Internalized this heroism becomes part of our self. Slowly the noble part of our personalities takes on a shadow-like place in our attitudes, beliefs, and opinions. At times it resurrects itself if it ever did recede. In these cases, it complements our intellectual and physical strength during a moment of physical and mental hazards. At times this heroic personality characteristic gets its owner hurt for its defiance. At times this personality characteristic adds to cultural baggage white men carry almost exclusively,
(I will insert a truth here: Never as a foot soldier in Viet Nam did I have delusions of grandeur or a desire to perform heroic acts.)
ironic as it may sound. Compared to the stresses created by social ostracism African Americans experience, by merely living black, it would seem we white guys have it made, not always so.

This odd social fact prompted me to begin reading about suicide more seriously than before. This reading has come at a time that I'm trying to use crime scene cleanup as an impotent, new phrase for explaining crime in individual, social, cultural, and national terms.

We become victims of a subliminal Social Darwinism at work with our heroic personality mystic and another characteristic yet unmentioned. As a result, I find much more work doing suicide cleanup for white families than any others. There are other reasons for these skewed numbers of course, especially money. White families tend to have more discretionary income than other demographic groups, especially after losing their patriarch. This occurs because whites males often have life insurance policies for death, even after suicide.

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Of course, any time suicide occurs within the first two years of a policy's purchase, suicide goes uncovered. Just the same, my point, whites have more money for hiring a suicide cleanup practitioner like myself.
Many so-called "facts" are, in reality, socially constructed. Both social and biological facts sometimes have a social construction in their origins, a point lost to history. For example, the idea of "human races" is socially constructed. As terrible as World War I and its rationale of racism may have been, "race" as used in those days was socially built as early as the 15th century while Europeans traveled the Earth for the first time.

Evolution was a socially constructed idea for well over 2,000 years. Not until Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace cataloged thousands of species did it become evident that an evolutionary process did exist in nature; its source, natural selection. Only then could anyone discuss "evolution" as a "scientific fact" beyond a socially constructed basis — the term reification sometimes used in place of social construction.

So what does any of this have to do with suicide cleanup? Since suicide cleanup has my academic as well as practical attention, I spend time thinking about why so many white males commit suicide, about 73% of our nation's total. White males have, in many cases, a racist attitude as some part of their ideological makeup, however knowingly or unknowingly, they realize this racism's existence.
As a result, ideas about the inferiority of others and self arise as part of their self-esteem, competence, quilt, and so forth.

As a result of my suicide cleanup work and suicide cleanup writings, I find more interest and a need to study any causes of real or imagined causes of white males or otherwise. For more information as it develops in this vein, please visit Crime Scene Cleanup/How Crime Scene Cleanup Works. For more on suicide cleanup, please visit

SUICIDE-BLOOD-CLEANUP means someone lost a serious amount of blood following their traumatic injury while SUICIDE-CLEAN-UP with the hyphenated cleanup helps to cover those marketing niches where searches tend to use hyphens.

It is SUICIDE-CLEANER-CLEANUP-AND-SUICIDE-WRITINGS-BY-EDDIE-EVANS I find in pressing need of work. Writing I like. It's that I have so much writing to get done; it's almost beyond my ability.

Here's a web page with plenty of potentials. SUICIDE-CLEANUP-ARIZONA should generate a great number of telephone calls considering the high number of white, unemployed males in Arizona. Because of state-wide cronyism in coroner's departments, I find very little work in Arizona, regardless of which death cleanup web site I use. Of course, SUICIDE-CLEANUP-BUSINESSES would not be necessary if county employees would not monopolize SUICIDE-CLEANUP-CALIFORNIA.

I must add the same comment relating to SUICIDE-CLEANUP-CLEANING Companies
because my SUICIDE-CLEANUP-DIRECTORY would be more than enough for marketing suicide cleanup help and suicide cleanup information. With 73% of white males accounting for suicides in our United States, I should expect a sizeable number of biohazard cleanup calls, thanks to my main suicide cleanup links.

No one I can find has suicide cleanup prices anywhere near my cleaning prices. So I can't even begin to imagine the money I could make if I could get our Orange County Sheriff-Coroners' Department out of my suicide cleanup business. Even my Suicide cleanup Sacramento web pages would produce more than enough work for me without local government interference. It's inconceivable to me that in these latter days of my life I should come to agree with right-wingers.


I agree, though, because I have empirical proof of government wrongdoing. It's the same for my
Suicide cleanup San Diego web pages, coroner fraud.
With such a lack of work and so many web pages, I created suicide cleanup stories for general readers interested in my fiction. There's no reason why a reasonable person would care to read my novel, but one never knows. I know I wouldn't want to read suicide cleanup fiction. I also created one suicide cleanup web site in my efforts. If I didn't' enjoy writing I'd be in bad shape. Since I spent time studying for my suicide cleanup business, I've placed a large number of Suicide cleanup web sites on the Internet.

I would be wrong to leave out Los Angeles's suicide cleanup because Los Angeles's demographics look a bit different than Orange County's. Demographics for crime scene cleanup should catch our attention, especially when it comes to suicide cleanup. As I work out a partial explanation for suicides among white males, I learn about other areas of biohazard cleanup.

Cleaning after a suicide involves an inspection for any remaining blood or biohazards. The truth is that I have a good idea about what I will find. I know from experience that a description of the suicide scene will miss the big picture, and callers confuse the trees for the trees. They see and smell the most obvious while missing the big picture. How could it be otherwise for a family member or friend when describing suicide to me while on their cell phone?

I know that during my inspection, my experience leads to much the caller never saw or considered. I know too that in a single-story home on a slab, blood migration remains limited; a second or third story apartment building creates conditions for wide-ranging, gravity migrating blood between floors. A suicide scene presents known problems that no one on the calling side can imagine. My inspection will include the possibility of multiple-floor contamination.

Each suicide cleanup needs this pre-treatment strategy.
Next, I have my bags or barrels arranged, so I need not stop work to contain the biowaste. While this is going on, I am thinking ahead. I must consider where I will work next. I do not want to move the same objects twice. I need to know where I can step and not track blood.

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Suicide Cleanup Tools

I use a wide variety of tools for my work. Not having the correct tools at the right time slows me down, and it is annoying. By thinking ahead, I have a good idea about what I will need to compete. Because I use a "Bloody Mary" to do most of my cutting, I leave at least two on opposite sides of the room. The Blood Mary saves time and labor, but she cuts flesh quickly, deeply, and without mercy.

Just the same having a Bloody Mary nearby leads to a faster, safer cleanup. This tool needs close attention. No one should carry a Bloody Marry around a death scene anyway. One thoughtless slip of the hand might cause the loss of an eye or a cut artery.

A suicide cleanup has hazards, biohazards, and much more going on than friends and family members of the decedent could know.

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