California Crime Scene Cleanup

"Crime scene cleanup" is a glorified term for janitorial cleaning activities resulting from criminal activities causing blood loss. Victims of homicide, suicide, unattended death, and dramatic blood loss become the objects of crime scene cleanup businesses.

The first owner of the crime scene cleanup website domain was Eddie Evans, a California crime scene cleanup practitioner.

Born in Califonria and involved in California crime scene cleanup activities, it was only natural for Eddie Evans to own California crime scene cleanup related web sites. Today he continues to own a few crime scene cleanup web sites, but most related to biohazard and blood cleanup.

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Crime Scene Cleanup a Subset

The phrase crime scene cleanup can be thought of as a subset of biohazard cleanup. Another way to put it, biohazard cleanup is the umbrella term for janitorial services involving human blood cleanup as well as other infectious materials. So derivatives of biohazard cleanup are now associated with homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup an unattended death cleanup.This crime scene cleanup phrase has a Hollywood, California conotaion; it's a social construction conjured up , then. In fact, in the movie field, we find crime scene cleanup occurring as actors cleanup homicides.

Not only California has crime scene cleanup businesses; every state in the United States of America has crime scene cleanup companies involved in biohazard cleanup activities. We might say, though, that crime scene cleanup has an unofficial existence in California because of the nature of colonialism and the emergence of criminal law in California. That's a historical question taken up elsewhere.

California Family Violence and Crime Scene Cleanup

Violence in California families leading to homicides, murders, may begin with simple batteries. A simple battery may be nonconsensual contacts. These are harmful in this sort of contact by the perpetrator because they set the stage for more violent contacts in the future. A child soon learns that their violent acts give them some measure of control over others, power over others.

Perhaps the perpetrator of a homicide began his or her assaultive behavior as a child in an abusive home environment. There the perpetrator learned to use insulting contacts regardless of the injury they caused. It was "kid stuff" some people will say to justify this behavior and we see this behavior on school grounds as well, by the way. It is very common on Los Angeles County shool grounds.

In fact, young females may become the object of big brother bullying and learn to expect bullying behavior. Include this expectation along with witnessing abuse of their mother by an abusive father, they come to expect their own spoue or live-in mate to become abusive. As odd as this may sound, this idea has quite a bit of acceptance in sociological and psychological academic circles.

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Sexual Battaries

Sexual batteries that occur in the home eventually lead to homicide in some cases; these battaries may have had their origins in childhood simple battery behavior; these battaries are carried out and endorsed by parent neglect.

We define sexual batteries as in the case of President Donald Trump. His nonconsensual touching of others' private parts became a matter of public knowledge during his run for president of the United States; by downplaying the seriousness of this behavior, our nation tacitly accepted sexually motivated battaries. President Trump bragged about how he could "grab them," referring to femal strangers' vaginas. "There was nothing they could say" because he was and is a "celebrity."

To justify this behavior, his supporters either denied it, ignored it, or accepted it as part of the price of having a "strong man" leader in the whitehouse. He and they also thought this type of sexual behavior was amusing. Today, we do have indications that this type of sexual assuault as part of the perpetrator's repertoire, an attempt to seek out sexual partners through assaultive behavior.

In crime scene cleanup work we sometimes wonder how these homicides came to exist in the first place; these simple battery and sexual battery contacts give us a clue.

So in the crime scene cleanup field when cleaning we sometimes wonder about family violence, battaries and just how this behavior may occur.

As awareness grew about this type of behavior in American families, statues with respect to this type of offense became enacted. Increasing awareness brought problems of domestic violence to the public media and therefore the public consciousness. This crime scxene cleanup practitioner continues on a quest to make connections in these matters.

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Aggravated Battery

Aggravated battery occurs In stages at times. Of course there are times we learned perpetrators begin assaultive behavior from a lower stage of violence; then again, a sudden outburst "from out of the blue" may occur. These aggravated batteries result in serious offense of a felony grade. Crime scene cleanup work owes a lot to these outbursts.

They involve a loss of a limb by the homicide victim at times. Some type of permanent disfigurement may also occur from knife cuts, for instance. This type of injury is known as "mayhem" and sometimes a type of aggravated assault.

Bydirecting bodily secretions at another person without their permission perpetrators cause a battery. In some California counties this type of behavior is considered aggravated battery.

We know there's a difference between a battery and assault. The overt behavior of President Tromp against some unsuspecting lady in an elevator is a type of assault. At least that's assault until President Tromp touches the unsuspecting victims' vaginas. When Presesident Trump does make contact with the unsuspecting person;s vegina, the assault becomes a battery.

In some United States jurisdictions a charge of criminal battery require some type of evidence that a mental state (mens rea) existed at the time of the act. It's a matter of conscious intent.

Petechiae, five by ten centimeters, with red liner marks
on a victim's face will indicate mild but abusive contacts. When these types of mild injuries are repeatedly found on a future homicide victim, it's time to begin taking proactive steps to protect this person. But no such proactive action takes place.

In the crime scene cleanup field we know that assaultive behavior sometimes escalates into full blown batteries that are aggravated batteries. For example, a young mother may be abused by her boyfriend. She may identify five or six times that she was abused by her boyfriend. Perhaps the boyfriend showed aroused and rough behavior. The boyfriend may have admitted that he roughed up his live-in girlfriend.

More, perhaps the boyfriend was a registered sex offender. Perhaps he also failed to register with his local probation department. Perhaps the boyfriend had a criminal history dating back to his minor years for receiving stolen property in a grand theft. And he has a history for cocaine abuse. These elements of what becomes a homicide are indicators that some sort of crime scene cleanup action would soon follow. But nobody takes it upon theirselves intervene.

We value our freedom in the United States and would prefer that the State, as represented by city, county, state, and federal governments remain out of our lives. Of course we cannot always allow these government entities to remain out of our lives because at some point, the "spirit of the law" as we call it ought to intervene in matters involving young children. This is a moral imperative.

But what about mass murder in California? How does assualtive behavior and aggravated battery come into play with mass murder? Is it really a matter of early childhood development or lack of development opportunities?

The state has power in matters of murder, homicides in the dwelling place occupied by husband-and-wife, boyfriend and girlfriend. Seemingly, though, the State offers so few opportunities to improve early childhood development opportunities; the stage for crime scene cleanup of mass murder increases as a result, maybe.

We've seen a number of mass murders in California in the last two decades and there's a trend throughout the United States indicating that mass murder will increase. These increases in California mass murderers tell us that California crimes and crime scene cleanup will become more profitable businesses for some of us. And how many crime scene cleanup practitioners actually get to practice blood cleanup after mass murders in California or elsewhere? Not many.

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The 10 Percent California County Governments Control over Crime Scene Cleanup

In order to qualify to clean up a California mass murder, the California crime scene cleanup practitioner must have access to a county corner department employees, preferably a Sheriff-Coroner crime scene investigator. Although morally repulsive, these employees control the crime scene cleanup business throughout the state of California; this crime scene cleanup control by county employees is not unique to California, incidentally.

How County Employees Gain Control of California Crime Scene Cleanup

How is it that county corner employees come to control crime scene cleanup throughout California?

It is an easy matter to explain. These employees have first contact with victims' families. California crime scene cleanup business owners then receive county employee referrals to their business; family members' search for cleaning help is not part of the process. Once in contact with victims' family members, the Sheriff-Coroner employees need only hand the business owner a crime scene cleanup business card or list of telephone numbers. It's that simple to control California crime scene cleanup.

Granted, most God-fearing, patriotic Americans are repulsed by such behavior. We believe in free enterprise and regret notion of the state apparatus intervening in our free enterprise system. But that's exactly what Sheriff-Corner employees do in every single county in the state of California.

In any case, when it comes to mass murder scenes, crime scene cleanup practitioners are needed. There's literally tens of thousands of dollars at stake. County corner employees involved in cronyism with a crime scene cleanup companies receive a 10% kickback for referrals to crime scene cleanup companies. What's 10% of $70,000? A cool $7000.

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Example: Here's an example from Seal Beach California.

A lone killer with an assault rifle entered a barbershop in Seal Beach, California. This lone gunman killed nine people who were seated in the barbershop. The crime scene cleanup would begin about three days later. An investigation would first have to be carried out in the barbershop.

Meanwhile, an Orange County Sheriff-Corner employ had control over who was chosen to do this mass murder crime scene cleanup. As a result, a large, nationwide franchise was chosen for the crime scene cleanup job, most likely.


Again, because this type of mass murder was worth tens of thousands of dollars; the referring Orange County employee stood to gain thousands in kickback fees; that's how crime scene cleanup cronyism works nation-wide. Once established, these California crime scene cleanup crony relationships continue for decades, perhaps intergerationally.

At this writing, it appears that the owner of the Seal Beach business did not go to the Internet or Yellow Pages. He or she did not seek a crime scene cleanup company, but accepted an Orange County corner employ crime scene cleanup referral. The responding crime scene cleanup did not have an Orange County or Los Angeles County business location at the time, our researches revealed.

Had the Seal Beach business owner or person responsible for clean up of this mass murder gone to the Internet for a crime scene cleanup company, they would have found this writer, Eddie Evans. On Google, Bing, and Yahoo a simple search for Seal Beach crime scene cleanup or its derivitives would have led to this writer first. In fact, at that point in history, this writer's blood cleanup and crime scene cleanup businesses were only outranked by this writer's biohazard cleanup websites. Naturally, we would've found this writer's crime scene cleanup websites well represented for Internet sought keywords involved with mass murder crime scene cleanup, blood cleanup, and biohazard cleanup. That's what's going on in this type of cronyism; it is a threat to American free enterprise.

This behavior recurs repeatedly, daily in Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, San Diego County, Ventrua County, and so forth.

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Qualification: Not all Sheriff-Coroner employees are involved in crime scene cleanup cronyism. One, the economics of crime scene cleanup cronyism would not allow for all Sheriff-Corner employees in California to be involved in crime scene cleanup cronyism. There is an economic critical mass involved. If all the employees were involved, there would not be enough profit to go around. Eventually the top dog would win out and centralize power as well as capital. That's all capital works, it tends to centralize.

Besides, not all county employees are predisposed to moral corruption. It's like other areas in life, we have people that take advantage of the system; we have those who will help to protect the system for the sake perpetuating democracy and free enterprise. There is a sense of moral dignity involved in doing the job correctly and it is to their credit that so many county employees tow the line. They do their work without becoming morally corrupt for self enhancement.

The Internet and Yellow Pages

Before we had the Internet to search for California crime scene cleanup companies, we had the Yellow Pages. Among the Yellow Pages we had tens of thousands of small businesses. These businesses paid hundreds of dollars if not thousands of dollars every year to advertise their businesses. A number of small crime scene cleanup companies in California used the Yellow Pages successfully until county employees seized control of California crime scene cleanup companies. These companies were carpet cleaning companies, by the way; more on this below.

These companies were owned by people who were Internet ignorant, but in the long run it did not matter. Once they were infected by crony crime scene cleanup the Internet became a side show, not of great business importance.

The Yellow Pages became irrelevant as the Internet grew, then.

Still, as mentioned above, not many people go to the Internet for crime scene cleanup business help. For those that do, they must first wade through the pay-per-click crime scene cleanup company advertising. This is advertising that really has no point in most cases. It is this writer's belief that these crime scene cleanup companies use pay per click advertising for a small market, as does this writer.

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The Small Crime Scene Cleanup Market

We are aware that corners' employees nationwide control the biohazard cleanup industry. Just the same, some people advertise for the few that do slip through the county corner crime scene cleanup cronyism net.

Not many families and businesses slip through the corners crony net. So who does through the crime scene cleanup cronyism net? Again, this is an interesting question and easy to answer.

California crime scene cleanup is driven by the homeowners insurance industry. Without the homeowners insurance availability, California crime scene cleanup would revert back to small cleaning companies; coroner cronyism would end." The big bucks would disappear. There's a second level of moral corruption in this crime scene cleanup business angle, too. See this homeowners insurance crime scene cleanup page. (return)

Carpet Cleaners Did Crime Scene Cleanup

Before the term crime scene cleanup became popularized, carpet cleaners cleaned after death where blood cleanup help was required.

Carpet cleaners arrived at crime scenes and used their truckmounted, gas powered carpet cleaning vacuum machines to suck blood out of carpets and from floors. The wise carpet cleaning technicians would pour the blood down the sanitary sewer, the toilet. Some adieux public storm drains.

In those days the human immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV) did not have the attention it has today. Today many people are spooked by the idea of HIV. What they don't realize is that it is passed by blood-borne pathogens; these blood-borne pathogens usually die once exposed to the open air, the "wild."

Once the HIV scare blossomed, coroners' employees became aware that the public misunderstood the nature blood-borne pathogens. More, many of the crime scene cleanup company owners were mystified by the notion of blood-borne pathogens. Some to this day continue to believe that HIV and other bloodborne pathogens were airborne. They simply do not recognize that "bloodborne" means born in the blood. HIV is intravenously exchanged or by sexual contact the most cases, then.

Hepatitis C is also a big threat. Crime scene cleanup businesses use it as a selling point for blood cleanup purposes when selling needless work to homeowners insurance companies. But Hepatitis C also dies while in the wild, in the open. Although, there is good reason to be aware of possible contamination by any blood-borne pathogen. So it's important to take precautions, precautions known as blood-borne pathogen cleaning related protocols. Still, the issue is way over blown for the sake of getting at homeonwers insurance.

In any case, corners' employees control crime scene cleanup companies. Recall, when we're talking about crime scene cleanup companies, we are talking about a company in the biohazard cleanup business. In the biohazard business cleaning up human blood following homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths remains lucrative. Pass on the 10 percent kickback fee to homeonwers insurance, and bingo, there's money every day.

Of course those dramatic, mass murder blood loss incidents add to the motivation to continue control of crime scene cleanup businesses.

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